Formula for next month amount


I'm trying to write a formula for picking up a amount in the Next month. Below is the formula I'm trying, but not working. 


Line Item[Lookup:Next()] 


Want to look up the amount in that Line Item for the Next month. This formula is not working.



Thank you 


  • Hi @neg177 are you able to use the NEXT() function? This will grab the value from the next time period. If I have line item Sales with an amount in each month, NEXT(Sales) will always give me the next month value. If I am in June I would see July, etc.

  • Hi neg177,

    You can also try to use the OFFSET function.

    For example, if you want to pull in next month's amount:
    OFFSET(Amount Line Item, 1, 0) should yield the desired result

  • hi ,

    in lookup parameter, dont use next(), next() is itself a time function, directly use next(line item) to fetch next months value,

    alternatively, offset() can also be used