How to get the value from the source without time dimension


Hi, question please. I am doing a test variance module between line items of IC Run, Actual and Forecast using LIS, Versions and Project as my dimensions. I need to get the value of IC run, however, the module does not have time dimension in compare with my module data for the actuals and latest budget (forecast). I used the collect however, all the months are getting the values of 784M and sums all the periods that is why I am getting 6B. I just need the value of 784 as the totals for all the periods.


Test variance module





IC Run data - no time dimension




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  • nikolay_denisov

    I could suggest following few options:

    1) Define current month where you need to map this data. Like define a boolean line item in SYS time module and calculate latest reporting month. Then in reporting module you could push values to this month with IF..THEN..ELSE

    2) Use a different summary method: Closing balance or Formula



  • @DMManalili 


    Create a SYS TIME module (Lowest Granularity) with one line item called Count and hard code it to 1. Use that count to derive the number of months & use the aggregated number as the denominator in your 6B Value