REP05 Formula


Hi all,


My formula works well in my module, but it cannot go through the exam. I just want to know where I get wrong here because I was very confident with my formula.  

Below is what I have, please advise. Thank you!

Solved! thank you all


  • Hi Jingru,

    It's great that your formula works properly in the module! That's exactly what matters the most!  It is completely understandable that the same result is your expectation when recording that formula on the exam. During the exam, every character in your answer must match the Anaplan's exam answer. I can only advise that you make sure your formula matches what's in the lesson. Be encouraged, that being able to get expected results in the module is awesome!

  • @jingru 


    Make sure that the name of your line item and module matches exactly with what is in the course.