Position context at top of card in new UX

Card context placed at the top of the card and not the bottom. Issue is that the context at the bottom means that the context can be unclear or even misleading for cards that are at the bottom of the page. When not seen the viewer might just assume the context from the page selectors at the top of the page which is then incorrect. It is not intuitive to have the context at the bottom of the card. This has been raised by a number of customers on workshops I have delivered and on QSRs.

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  • I agree, it's something you would think that people learn after a while - but yet they don't and it is just demonstrating that it's not an intuitive position. 

  • It would also be helpful in explaining links to other dashboards. Where currently they can only be below the dashboard link. I have had customers you prefer the description of the dashboard they are about to go above the link (while being within the same card)

  • Agreed this should be placed at the top - I have noticed many people missing the selector because it is on the bottom. 

  • agree on this selector, it is counter intuitive... would rather have it on top of the card

  • Agreed! Many miss the selection at the bottom when it varies from the overall page. 

  • Agreed - I think there actually might be more than one post asking for this.

  • +1. Not a dealbreaker, but still feels odd after many months using this

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