Holiday Time Filter




Trying to create a Line Item in my SYS Time Setting Module that filters out all of the Business Holidays that we are not operating. This is a Daily Model and not sure how to approach writing the Formula for this. I need to Eliminate the following Holidays (New Years Day, MLK Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day). I have a Calendar for each year on what day each of theses Holidays Fall, but kind of confused on how I would approach this. 


Thank you 


  • Anaplan doesn't have an integrated formula for this. Just have a boolean line item and select the days manually for each year. Then you can use this in your formulas / as a filter
  • As an extension to Nathan's suggestion I normally have a simple module applied to the 'Year' level of the Model Calendar which has Date formatted line items for New Years Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas and the other various public holidays which recur.  Where the date varies year on year (Easter for example) the date can just be input manually by a model admin.  Where the date is fomulaic (ie New Year's Day, Christmas - always the same date every year) I'd have a formula which checks whether the 'standard' public holiday falls on a weekend and if so substitutes for the next available weekday.  Obviously things are different from country to country so there'd be some variations you could/would need to build into the above (or indeed add a Country list to the module so you have everything in one place).  As a further nuance you may need to cater for the occasional 'bonus' bank holiday (speaking from a UK perspective, since this is the case again in 2022).


    Then in your time settings you can generate a boolean formula which is TRUE against the specific dates from the above module and use that to filter out the public holidays each year according to your need.  Again if you are dealing with multiple Countries you'd need to reflect this in the dimensionality of the resulting output.

  • What does this Time Settings Boolean Formula look like?