Question please. I am trying to use a system filter in my report module so that I can see first the start date of the project after the All Periods (sum). The filter is working, however, when I put the All periods on the left side column the filter will not work. I need to show in my dashboard the columns, first the All periods which is the summary of the values then follow the beginning month of the project. How can I show the All periods following the begining month? Thank you.


System Module


Report Module




  • can you show the filter you are applying and what you mean by doesn't work ?

    Is the filter applied and you get an error ? or no error and just doesn't hide the months ?

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    Also, are you saving the filter and the sort in a view and then publishing the view?



  • @DMManalili 

    How about showing the 'All Periods,' in one grid as a stand alone table and the months in a second grid.

    I do not think it is possible to reorder the time periods without using 'Show,' after selecting the items you what to show in the order they are to appear. If you do this the filter will no longer be dynamic. 

  • it's possible, with the "Select Items to Show" or in the NUX.
  • yes in one view.
  • yes i select the item to show so the All periods will be at the beginning time.
  • I select the items to show that is why the All periods is in the start of the column, but I cannot used the system module as my filter because the item there are the beginning months.
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    You could have used Totals Position  option but the problem with that is that "Total Periods" is not considered to be part of the group & it won't be able to come at the front. But if you have to display only one year then this option might work because it will pull all all FY columns first . Try "Group at Start" or "Before" Option






  • I dont see why you cannot use it. When you try to apply the filter you just can't select your SYS module ?
  • No, I can use the system filter but the problem is the ALL PERIODS will not reflect in the first column because the system filter is set at the start month of the project. I need to show the ALL PERIODS first before the start month of the project because every project is differenct start month. Thanks
  • Yes, but the projects have more than one year period. Thank you 🙂
  • applying a filter should not impact the order of the time dimension that you have set.


    you reorder, have all periods first, apply the filter, then what happens ?