Combination chart - stacking method and calibrate 2nd axis


Combinations chart

I miss the possibility to select stacking method for every line item.

as an example I would like to make 3 line items as stacked column and one as clustered. But as-is I need to set the all or non to stacked.

And then it is not just all column that will be stacked also the line items with area format will be stacked.

With the possibility to select stacking method on every line item we could build charts with a lot of information but in a smart end user friendly way.


2nd axis. that is a good thing but we really need the option to calibrate the zeros so the 0 on the left side is at the same position of the scale to the right. 


Kind regards Caroline

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  • Really good idea and as an end-user I really lack the possibility to select them individually to quickly get the total picture where all information counts

  • Sounds like a good idea Caroline. I'm new to Anaplan but sounds like something similar to what I was doing with Tableau.

  • Status changed to: In Review

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