Create Product Supply Manager Role - Where do I start?


Hi, community,


I am working on this one now.  



So looking at this:


  • Each Product Supply Manager should be able to update their assigned products and product SKUs, but only view their assigned Product Family across all regions.

This is how I saw it:

  1. I need to create ACCESS module where I map user against SKU.  
  2. I can use this module to set up Selective Access.
  3. Then assumed I should keep going to make two more ACCESS modules for Product and Product Family.

Then I stopped to think if I was doing the right thing here.  It says "assigned" and I wonder if Product Supply Manager should be bounded by-products or SKUs or Regions.  So I went back to 3.1.3 & 3.1.2 to re-read what this role does.  And I do not think I see anything to do with them being bounded by regions, products or even accounts.


I am clearly confused as to where I am meant to be heading for this now.  I would be grateful if people can give me a pointer on what I am expected to do here...  Many thanks!


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  • Hi mate, could you solve it? I tried but not sure if it is fine. Is there any place where I can look at the answer?