Level 2 Sprint 3 Confirm PO


Season's greetings all.


I am completely at a loss. My final confirm PO equation, after several iteration, is as follows;


IF Confirmed PO Delivery > 0 THEN POST(Final Shipment Amount, Final Shipping Time Weeks)ELSE 0


Is there a logic context error here somewhere that I am overlooking?  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


  • You are very very close. Look at the following (Formulas section):




    Think about having Anaplan doing the calculation quickly (for the majority of the instances).

  • Thank you.  Let me review again. I think that I may have it figured out based off of your feedback. I will let you know.  

  • Is this a Performance refinement to better align with PLANS?  If so, then does the following meet the requirement?


    IF Confirmed PO Delivery < 1 THEN 0 ELSE POST(Final Shipment Amount, Final Shipping Time Weeks)


    Kind regards,


  • I can't give you the final answer but just think about the values that you are comparing within the 'Confirmed PO Delivery', i.e. what possible values this line item can hold (coming from 'PO Submitted'). It's better to be more precise in IF/THEN/ELSE formulas.

  • Silly oversight on my part! Got it!  Thank you again.