New UX Idea - Line item list selector expand width of the selection window


It will be very convenient to setup width value of a window where user selects a list item. Or to make it always be as wide as the longest list item name plus width of tabbed white-space due to hierarchy visualization.

This is how it works in Classic UX:



New UX is shrunk too much.



The same problem appears in fields:



Yes, it can be resolved by simple expanding this column or field. But this means less space for another columns at your Page.




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  • @sprender Can you pls let me know when will this will be ready in Anaplan? In our company, we have many dashboards use list as selector,  but some list item name is long,  and user can't see the full name when select the list item.  thank you!  

  • If we could have the same thing with the filters, I'd be great. You have to widen the lateral bar every time you want to filter, you cannot see the full name of the items. 

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