New UX Idea - KPI text formatted color coding in Insights


I like to add some dynamic guiding which can be changed according to users' current actions.

KPI can be a good card for this. I found a way to use it in Worksheets this way that user while going step by step in my process could easily see should he/she pay attention to some step or can skip it.


For example, this picture has the first step when user loads some data to a buffer module, the second step with validation on a separate page where user should go if he/she have a message that something should be validated before the load. The third step will be the final confirmation which will load the data.


KPI here applied by line item with IF THEN conditions of text and a color coding.




This is where the second step leads - a validation Board.


As you can see this validation page has the same KPI card, but here you can see the color coding which helps user visually understand that everything is correct.

While KPI card in insights tab of Worksheet does not show color coding.



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