Plan looping activities in time


Hello everyone, I'm trying to build a solution I have not yet encountered before. The assignment is to plan a "chain of activities" and the amount of hours they cost over time. Each activity is triggered by another activity, but  can also be triggered by itself (let's say that the activity needs to occur every year).  One activate multiple other activities. I have added a simplified schema to this post. 

Does anyone has encountered this kind of problem and found a best practice for it? 


Chartflow activities.PNG


  • @RalfdeGier 

    Yep, this iteration logic sounds very similar to what's called a Bill of Material (BOM) where you can have sub-components built from smaller components. You might try @DavidSmith new article on this subject located here. You'll have to scroll down to towards the bottom and download the file. 

    To be honest, Anaplan doesn't yet iterate very well. The best I've been able to do is to create a fake list. Each list item represents an iteration. The only challenge with this method is that all iterations get calculated whether you need them or not. Anaplan is an "always on" calculation engine. A use case I've used this for is a forward weeks of supply, where it keeps calculating forward until the inventory runs out and returns the time period in which the inventory is depleted. You can check it out here.

  • @JaredDolich 

    Thank you for your reply! I have read the BOM you referenced and this indeed looks similar to my current problem. It might give me some guidelines to the solution. I'm going to give it a try with the documentation you provided.


  • @RalfdeGier Good luck. Let us know what you decide to do. Yours is kind of a new use case so I'm anxious to learn your ultimate solution.

  • the only way to do sequential in pure Anaplan (without import/export) is to use the time dimension in a daily module and map results of each items to a specific day so you can previous to find the previous value of another item.

    I posted a guide on how to do inter-dependencies of tasks within a project (start date of one task depend on the start date of another) but I can't find it anymore...