L2MB-S3 AD02 Override Amount formula



I am trying to enter the formula for a question in L2 S3 exam. It says my answer is incorrect but in the model it is giving me the desired result. I want to confirm that my understanding about AD02 is correct.  


Override Amount - Write? is a Boolean formatted line item. 

Formula for this line item is based on INV01 Override Suggested Order Amount? Boolean.

If this is checked(TRUE) then Override Amount - Write? will also be true.


Is Override Amount - Write depended on any other line items?







  • Hi @yatrikpandya,

    I do not want to just give away the answer, so I will just share a tip. 

    Review your formula for Override Amount - Write? as it not only depends on one line item from INV01 but two of them. I think this is your missing piece. I am sure that if you go back to this stage of the course you'll figure it out. Let me know if you have additional questions! 

  • Thanks for your response @filip.sypniewski

    Override suggested amount boolean is available to write only if 'Submit Purchase Order' boolean is true. Therefore I think Override Amount - Write is not depended on Submit Purchase Order in INV01. Am I correct?
  • there is another line item 'PO submitted' that refers to 'submit purchase order request'


    do I use PO submitted