Sys: Time Module Formula


Trying to understand what is wrong with this formula and why it doesn't give me 2019-2022. Instead, I only get 3 years, 2020-2022. If I change the formula to Prior Year -2 I get 2021-2022. Would appreciate any ideas. 






Best Answer

  • JaredDolich


    Make sure your "Prior Year" format matches what you're comparing to. In your case you want them to be PERIODS (months). 

    See if that helps. You can also try converting to the year (period) or Year (Number) since that's what your testing for anyway. you don't really need to use months from what I can tell. Depends on your use case.


  • Thank you for the incredibly quick response Jared!


    I tested some other options and found that this formula works. 


    PERIOD(START()) <= Current Year + 1


    Thanks for the tip on the Months. I realized that I had to also change the Summary to be Formula, Time: Any