Populating Actuals with Forecasted Data


Good afternoon- I have a question for a customer asking that instead of overwriting forecast with actuals they would like to have forecast values populate Actuals when the switchover happens.  Long story short is they do all of their adustments in forecast and would like to have the forecasted values populate actuals when the months switches over.  In this scenario how can I have actuals = forecast after the switchover? Thank you for your help in advance.


  • Hi Jeffery

    once the switchover happens the forecast data would be overwritten by actuals, till then you will have forecast data.

    You can have switchover by versions, the best way would be to have two versions of forecast and have switchover in one where actuals overwrite and other will just have forecasted numbers.
  • Hi there,

    Have you tried renaming the Actual version into Forecast and vice versa? If you want the effect to be in reverse, changing the name should do the trick.
    But it would be interesting to understand what is the logic behind this.
    Hope that helps.

  • Hello,
    two possibilities :
    1°) yes, change the name of the version Actual becomes forecast and forrecats becomes actual
    2°) if your data are populated form a Dara Hub model, as they should be, target the Actual version of your operating model with the forecast data of your Data Hub model.

    Kind regards.