INV02 - Safety Stock Flag Count line item formula - Level2


I need some pointers to tell me what went wrong.


1) i created SYS08 SKU Details a column Country made in-----PARENT(Supplied By)

2) In INV02 i used the formula---- 'INV01 Inventory Ordering'.Safety Stock Exception Count[SUM:'SYS08 SKU Details'.Country Made In] but i came out the error below.

I have P3 aggregated to P1 in INV01, INV02 has G2 Country which i used SYS08 SKU Details to get the COUNTRY.


What did i go wrong?

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  • kevin.cho
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    Got it 🙂 


    Please double check the blueprint carefully! In particular, the field for the "Applies To" for the line item "Safety Stock Flag Count".


    You'll see that the value in "Applies To" field is " " (blank). This means that there is no dimensionality (besides Time) applied to this line item.


    Please change this to "-" (a hyphen/dash). This will then make the line item the same dimensionality as the module. 


  • 'INV01 Inventory Ordering'.Safety Stock Exception Count should have dimensionality as "P3 SKU", with summary method applied as "Sum" - this allows data points at the P1 Product Family hierarchy level to exist. 


    The aggregation being used ([SUM: 'SYS08 SKU Details'.Country Made In]) handles the aggregation for G2 Country, whereas the summary method in "Safety Stock Exception Count" handles the aggregation for P1 Product Family. 


    Can you confirm that the line item 'INV02 Country Summary'.Safety Stock Flag Count has dimensionality as "G2 Country, P1 Product Family"?

  • @kevin.cho  Yes i have both G2 and P1 in INVO2. below the screenshot for the error. 


    I am wondering if it has got to do with SYS08 source setting?




  • Can you show the module blueprint for INV02? The line item Safety Stock Flag Account has an icon indicating that it is a subsidiary view, and has different dimensions to the module itself. This might be the problem. 


    The module should have dimensionality of:

    * G2 Country

    * P1 Product Family

    * Time (Weekly, Model Calendar) 


    The line item should have the same dimensionality - make sure the Applies To field is "-", and it will inherit the module dimensionality. Also make sure the time settings for the line item are the same. 

  • @kevin.cho 

    This is my blue print for INV02. it looks right aren't they?




    I checked SYS08 blue print under Country made in- it is "not applicable" which i thought it makes sense setting as N/A.



  • got it! thanks!