Ability in the NUX to set column sizes


Currently you have to manually adjust the column sizes and publish to the page, when it would be more helpful, as you can in the old UX, to preset the column sizes and publish it.  It would allow for more consistency with dashboard layout, cosmetic appeal, etc.  

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  • I agree.  It'd help to be able to more surgically set column widths as opposed to having to "eye" it. 

  • I also totally agree.

    Thank you

  • MCRaws65

    Mostly agree, but for me it would be more useful to be able to either

    • select multiple columns and give them the same width or
    • set a default column width for a Card or Grid, but allow manual adjustments to individual columns.


    Usually I'll have several columns that need to be different to the majority and having everything forced to the same width means that all columns have to fit the widest column.


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