Working Days Calculation


Hi, I have been using the long formula for working days suggested in the Anaplan help, and it's been giving me some issues, so I created a new one

It's shorter and easier to follow and thought I would share


You need 5 fields*



*Holidays is optional and can be removed


example of calcs


Hope it helps





  • Nice @DeveloperCYT thanks for sharing this. These types of calculations are crucial for daily use cases that have a weekly cadence like a service desk. I recently had to use something like this to determine hours of operation. Nice!

  • Hi @DeveloperCYT, Thanks for sharing this but there are a few scenarios where the weekend days calculations is missing a day.

    For Example, If my start date is 1st April 2023 and End Date is 30th April then I get the result for weekend days as 9 but there are 10 weekends in April. Is there any way where the calculations can get more accurate.

    Thanks !

  • Hi, thanks i had not spotted that, and now i have updated to new version, which is correct

    Added 2 parts to calculate the number of Saturdays and Sundays between the 2 dates and add them up

    Hope this helps

  • Hi @DeveloperCYT ,

    It works !!