Anaplan Interview Questions


What Is Anaplan?

Anaplan -  Cloud Based financial planning  and performance management platform. Anaplan aims for multi-dimensional planning, and business users who can create and use models.

Q3) What Are The Features Of Anaplan?

  • Cloud Based Platform
  • Scalable Modeling
  • Apps catalog
  • In-Memory Engine
  • Graphical Data Presentation
  • Time Saver
  • Easy of Use
  • Intuitive modeling interface



Platforms Supported Web BasedWeb Based
Small Business CustomersYesNo
Free TrailNoYes
Salesforce Sales CloudNoYes
Available Languages English, Germany, Japan, France, RussiaEnglish, Japan


Q5) Define Anaplan User Access Control?

Inorder to view Assignments, Resource Types and Policies of Organization, anaplan access control allows you as a Tenant Administrator.


Q6) Can I access Anaplan from Mobile?

Yes, You can access Anaplan from any mobile via a browser with data connectivity.

Q7) Which modules are supported by Anaplan?

Anaplan supports Finance, Sales, Supply chain, Workforce, Marketing and IT modules.

Q8) What are the Common Formula Errors in Anaplan?


Q9) What are the Chart types used in Anaplan?

  • Column chart
  • Bar chart
  • Line chart
  • Pie chart
  • Waterfall chart
  • Timeline chart
  • Map chart
  • Combination Chart and
  • Funnel chart

Q10) Who are the major Anaplan Customers?

Tableau, Intel, BOX, HP, Tata Steel, Motorola and more...

Q11) Explain formula editing in Anaplan?

Formula Editing is quite easy in Anaplan. You can:

  • In formula edit mode: You can switch between modules or settings
  • Exist from edit mode is easier.
  • Can See which module is being altered and arrive rapidly
  • Through Blueprint mode you can Toggle in and out.

Q12) Name the Access Control Roles in anaplan?

  • View Admin
  • Tenant Admin
  • Encryption Admin
  • Process Owner and
  • Tenant Auditor

Q13) Define anaplan modules

Modules can be defined as powerful and flexible that gives the ability to solve common but complex business problems. We have 3 kinds of modules:

  • Input modules - captures data entry
  • Driver modules - Calculate values
  • Output modules - Helps for reporting purposes.

Q14) Name some specific changes that are recorded in history.

Model records the history when specific changes happens like user adds, edits, deletes, or renames. Here are some elements:

  • Actions
  • Currency qualifiers
  • Dashboards & Functional Areas
  • Import Data Sources & source mappings
  • Line item subsets
  • Lists, List properties and List items
  • Modules & Processes
  • Revision tags
  • Roles & Saved views
  • Subsets of lists
  • Time settings
  • Users added or deleted and 
  • Versions

Q15) List the Anaplan Aggregation Functions

  • ANY
  • ALL
  • MIN
  • MAX
  • SUM

Q16) What do you mean by Anaplan?

Anaplan is also known is the form of a cloud-based financial planning and performance platform. It is that kind of a performance management platform which strives for multi-dimensional planning. With the help of Anaplan, the business owners can efficiently produce and use suitable models.

Q17) Can you use Anaplan from your Smartphone?

It is crucial for you to note that Anaplan can be used from any Smartphone which has a browser and an internet connection.

Q18) Name some of the modules that are supported by Anaplan

It is important to note that there are various types of modules that are sponsored by Anaplan. They are deals, Supply Chain, investment, IT Modules and advertising.

Q19) Shed light on the versatile feature of history and revision access in Anaplan

It is important to note that Anaplan possesses a right authentication path which further makes sure that the changes are easy to track. With the help of revision control feature, you can easily keep a tab on the activities of various changes. It would also enable you to roll back to earlier stages.


  • Hello @harris2020 
    Thank you for compiling and posting the information.
    I'd like to clarify that Anaplan is not just a "financial planning and performance management platform" It is a dynamic platform that allows you to model any part of your business and then connect these parts to achieve Connected Planning. Anaplan differentiates itself by being able to model your business and processes the way you actually do them instead of forcing some predefined logic.

    I'm not quite sure what you meant in your Q18 by Modules supported by Anaplan? It is incorrect to claim that Anaplan supports some modules like Supply Chain and Investment....etc but not others.

    Other prepackaged platforms have these independent components such as you mentioned and a customer can buy one or more. However, with Anaplan, customers get a platform where they can build any business case.


    If you have any questions about Anaplan, please post them here and many of the community members would be happy to provide you with accurate answers.

  • Q7) Which modules are supported by Anaplan?

    Anaplan doesn't support "modules" per say. we're a planning platform and our customers use use to model many business cases: finance, supply chain, sale,s HR, operations etc

    especially module being  a confusing term in the Anaplan world


    Q8) What are the Common Formula Errors in Anaplan?

    not sure what that means



    Q12) Name the Access Control Roles in anaplan?

    your answer here is incorrect. I would not be satiesfied by an interviewee providing this


    Q13) Define anaplan modules

    I'd not take this answer either. we have only one type of module. Modules can have many usage, those you cite being some of them.