Circular reference: SELECT function


Hello, I'm currently working on a module, where one of the Rate list items is a difference of the other two, indicated in bold. The problem that occurs here is that I receive a circular reference error, because I'm changing the line item 'Prepay (Partial)'. However it would never circular refer to itself, because of the IF Function. Is there a way to override this error or a better way to select the two numbers from the other Rate list items? IF ITEM(Rates) = Rates.Margin THEN 'Gemidd.Enc Previous YTD'[SELECT: Rates.Client Rate] - 'Gemidd.Enc Previous YTD'[SELECT: Rates.FTP] ELSE IF ITEM(Rates) = Rates.Margin Net of LP THEN 'Prepay (Partial)'[SELECT: Rates.Margin] - 'Prepay (Partial)'[SELECT: Rates.Liquidity Premium] ELSE 'Gemidd.Enc Previous YTD'

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  • harish_bk
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    Hi Mickel

    Since you are trying to refer the same line item in the formula for which the formula is being written, even though you are using the select, try to plan them in different line items and then combine the values.

    You just put an example in excel and share i can suggest you the method.
  • PrevContributor
    Hi Harish,

    Thank you, I was able to get the desired result by creating two proxy line items.


  • So to summarize, I would like link one list item to two other list items, which are all in the same list Rates. Thus, Margin Net of LP  = Margin - Liquidity Premium. Is this possible? I need them in the same list, so I can make a new table with all of them in the headers.