Ability of forms to read context selection dynamically to add items to a list

Currently in old UX the "create" action allows you to dynamically read the context and add items to a list.  In the NUX, forms do not have this capability requiring a duplicative selection of the context (say cost center as an example) and then the parent of the list item (also cost center).  Ideally, a single context selection would be able to drive both.  

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  • Agreed - the old UX allows you to Create (+) with one click where the NUX is multiple clicks, and you have to tell the system which item you are selected on. 

  • Also Agreed, even if the form could auto-populate the parent field with the current context. This would cut down on user inputs but allow them to check before creating a new item 

  • Yes, yes and a thousand times yes - starting to quickly move up the list of barriers to UX migration.

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