Need support with Time Management using DCA

Can anyone help me what's the best way to identify -  Current Year Current Quarter, Current Year Previous Quarter, Previous Year Current Quarter using DCA and Boolean.

Best Answers

  • @SudhirY 


    You can do this in two modules, one for Quarter and one for Year.


    First, make sure you Current Period is set in the Time Settings



    The module for Quarter should be only dimensionalized by Time (a SYS Time - Quarter module) at the Quarter level.  Create these three line items:





    Do the same thing for Current Year





    Now, you can create a module to use your DCA basing it off these values.



  • @SudhirY 


    Yes, I do see issues with what you did. because you are nesting the NEXT function and making Hyperblock work harder for every calculation.  Instead, I would break it up and do this


    Create two line items:

    Previous Year/Previous Quarter mbr:'Current Period' - 5         (formatted as Quarter)
    Previous Year/Previous Quarter?: item(time)='Previous Year/Previous Quarter mbr'        (formatted as Boolean)