Confused on how to use Min Function




I' trying to use a Min function to take the min Account Balance in a month. This is the function I thought of using but it is not working. Both are formatted as Numbers. 


'Y02 Accounts'.'Closing Balance (01)'[MIN:'S01 Time Settings'.Day # of the Month]


Thank you 


  • @neg177 It would be easier to understand the issue if you can share the source module, mapping module and target module details. Also the mapping module should have line item as list formatted for MIN to work.[MIN:y]


    Hope this helps.



  • @neg177 

    You dont need to use any functions to pull out the minimum or a time period.

    Use the minimum time summary option and lookup against the time period when referencing in downstream calculations. 

    If you need to sum into a month then create a duplicate line item just form the minimum summary.


    Good luck,