NUX - Set Default Model when Multiple Source Models are Assigned


I am excited we now have the ability to point multiple models to the same page, however with this new functionality, we have also found some frustration. We need the ability to set a default model when multiple models are assigned to a page. If I have a DEV model and a PROD model pointed to the same page, I want the ability to assign a default model so that I do not need to manually change the model the page points to each time I open the App unless I intentionally want to work in the non-default models pointed to that page. 

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  • I think this is a great request based on feedback from my customer who has been frustrated by the less than obvious demarcation between different environments or at the very least the ability to say I want to work on DEV and all the pages selected are then DEV.

  • ChrisM

    We are investigating a mechanism to more formally define the different lifecycle phases of an app and how different models can be associated with those phases so that users do not have to switch between models across different phases at the individual page level.

    Until then, the current behaviour should remember the last selected model for a particular page across different user sessions. 


  • Unfortunately it is only page remembering and when the user moves to the next page their assumption is that they remain in the Environment they were in on the previous page which may not be the case for the next page giving rise to people putting data into the incorrect environment.

  • At first I thought the order in which models are shown in the list defines the default but it seems to be more like @nick_barker describes. I got tricked many times, thinking that I looked at PROD data while it actually was DEV. Needs to be fixed, can be very confusing.

  • This gets so confusing when working with Dev and Prod data in one page. I have had the same issues @PhilippErkinger can be very frustrating. I have tried to keep pages all Dev or all Prod where possible. 

  • hello, was there any progress in setting default model on the new UX? Would be really useful if there was possibility to always default to PROD.

  • MindyU

    Inquiry to users > Are you able to put on a Text or section header or a Message on the page to alert the user to double check the model pointer? Do you find that to be helpful? What suggestions do you use now to work around this scenario?

  • I agree with the opinion. Our customer faces same issue. Please keep the last model changed by users.

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