Confirmed PO Delivery - OFFSET


Hello, Create Inventory Ordering Module

I'm having the hardest time understanding which line item to use in the Confirmed PO Delivery formula. The threads I've read keep referring me to the POST function, but I'm not at that point in the training yet. 


The following set of instructions are confusing me:

  • Set the Confirmed PO Delivery line item to use the PO Submitted 1 value and OFFSET it based on the number of weeks between the order and delivery.
    For example, if a PO Submitted has a value in Week 1 and the Shipping Time Weeks has a value of 2, there would be a value of 1 in the Confirmed PO Delivery line item in Week 3.
  • Use the OFFSET function and reference the Shipping Time Weeks line items (should pull the value from the periods prior)"

My formula is:IF PO Submitted = 1 THEN OFFSET(-Ending Inventory, Shipping Time Weeks, 0) ELSE 0


I guess I don't understand how the output of this value relates to the user story or why we need it, or perhaps I could figure out which line item to use. 

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  • Thank you, @einas.ibrahim 


    This worked for me. 


    I also now understand that I was combining the purpose of Confirmed PO Delivery with the purpose of Confirmed Purchase Order Receipt. I don't need an inventory value to be returned in Confirmed PO Delivery - this will happen when I build the Confirmed Purchase Order Receipt. The latter formula builds upon the former result. 


    Thank you!

  • A small notice that I want to add is that, later in activity 3.3.6, you will change the offset function with post function (we need to push from the previous period to the future period using the Final Shipping Time Weeks in that previous period - we cannot know the value of Final Shipping Time Weeks that has been used for the shipment that started in the previous period in a future period so the offset function cannot provide the real solution we are looking for)