DCA based off of a user in a module


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Wondering if anyone knows of a way to matchup the user from a module with the user list used in the DCA module. Obviously you cannot lookup based off the user list, so wondering if anyone has a workaround.


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    The User is implied.  Take a look.


    Create a module with data




    Create a DCA module with two line items, Read and Write as booleans 



    Go back to the original module, and enable the DCA pointing to the DCA module 



    With write enabled, I can see the data 



    Removing the Write boolean



    I no longer see the data, no lookup needed




    Hope this helps,



  • Thanks for the quick response! I think i may have misspoken. I'll give a more detailed response:


    We have a customer master list that we are using across modules. In one of those modules there is a "user" line item that matches the user list. We'd want to use the "user" line item to be able to created dynamic access for end users.

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    So, in that module, are you going to dimensionalize the module by Users?  What exactly are you trying to accomplish with this line item being User?  Can multiple people update this module?  Can Selective Access be used so only certain people update it or is more of who updated it last?  If it is the latter, then you will most likely have to have an action to update that line item with User in it.