Can We Import /Export Files from Windows with SSO Credentials ?


Dear Experts ,


Could you please Assist me with my query , Actually i have received SSO for Anaplan System Access . Can I import/Export the Files from Windows?

or do i Need Basic or CA authentication as a prerequisites.


Also i am not having Model Builder / Workspace Administrator role. 


I would really appreciate for your great favor. 


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  • @Shailendr You can definitely import / export files to / from Anaplan platform even though your ID is SSO enabled and you are not a Model Builder / Workspace Admin.


    Your Model Builder / Workspace Admin should enable a dashboard for you which you can use to Import data into Anaplan / Export data from Anaplan.


    Hope this helps.


  • Dear AB ,


    But as per my Understanding while scripting , we need to pass Username and password as a mendatory parameter So what kind of setting or steps we need to do in case of SSO enable Id .


    Could you please elaborate me bit more on this .


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  • @Shailendr If you are looking for automation via scripting or any integration tool, you need to create an exceptional user (Non-SSO system account for integration) which should have WSA (Workspace Admin access). Then you can either use Basic Authentication or CA Certificate in scripting or integration tool.


    Hope this helps.



  • Hi Ashish ,


    Thank you for your Support , Just last query I have is how SSO enabled is Different from Basic Authentication or you can understand my Query in this way 


    what is Difference in all tree Mode like SSO/Basic/CA based Authentication User. Can you please help me to understand the Differnce in all these 3 mode enabled user.


    thankyou in Advance and for consistent support. 


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    Shailender dubey

  • Hi Ashish ,

    Thankyou for the valuable links !!


    But seems my Query is still unanswered , Suppose My Client is having SSO enabled for me , So is it Possible for me to Work with SSO by having my CA Certificate? 


    Or How CA Certificate works with SSO enabled User??


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    Shailender Dubey

  • @Shailendr Great Question. I guess... if you are looking for an automation ID... I would keep it separate.

    1) Create a NON-SSO system account for Anaplan automation (Exception User)

    2) Assign Workspace Admin to the ID in Anaplan.

    3) Get CA Certification of the NON-SSO system account for Anaplan Automation

    4) Use CA Certificate in automation certificates.


    Hope this helps.