SET CHECKBOX value through a given condition


Hi Everyone!


There is a way to set one line item boolean to TRUE to specific condition and make it editable for other condition ?

On the example below, "Main process" is checked i need to check the "Process Comp" on the same line and make the above enabled to edition (check/uncheck), is it possible ?

I'm trying to set using IF condition but doesnt work ...



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  • @jbaudino1 

    Yep, you can do that by using Dynamic Cell Access. You have three choices based on a Boolean.

    1. Read Only
    2. Edit
    3. Invisible

    Here's a great explanation of how to use DCA. That's your best bet!

    here's an example for you.

    Set up your Line items with DCA using the Main Process Comp as the Boolean. Or if you need to reverse the Boolean, meaning when it's false then create another Boolean line item = NOT Main Process Comp.


    When Main is checked then Process Comp opens up and is now editable.


  • @jbaudino1 

    As I understand you would like to have one condition of the boolean driven by a formula and the other by the user as an editable input.

    If this is correct then it is not possible to combine these within the same line item.

    You will need to create one line item which is driven by a query, another by the user and a final line item which combines the conditions to be used in downstream processes.

    The only time you are able to use a formula and manually edit a line item is when version scope is enabled in which you can specify which version is formula drive and which is a user input. But this does not seem relevant for you need.


    Good luck, Chris