New UX Source Model Dropdown Remembers Selection from Previous Page


I think it would help for adoption of using multiple source models on a single dashboard if the model selection was stored when moving from one page to the next if at all possible.


Currently it stays on the last selected dropdown for that individual dashboard but this means if an end user is testing changes, they have to remember and change the dropdown for each dashboard they look at, and then change it back when in production. The changing it back when in production is probably the bigger concern (at least it is for current client) so that test data isnt being reviewed instead of production data.


The current client feels it is safer to continue with two versions of the app for now.

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We have released an update where the selected model in pages that support multiple models is persisted when you navigate across pages. The selected model is persisted provided the pages being navigated across have the same models. Thank you for raising this idea.


  • TK@F

    This idea would be very helpful for us, too!


    We manage the models divided by region, some business users switch the source models on NUX page.

    But they need to switch the source by page and page, it is ineffective for them.

  • We've got the same problem. It's confusing for users who have access to multiple models connected to 1 App.

    We would love to have the possibility to select source model at App level and not on Page level (not to be forced to switch every single page between models).

  • Feature request:  When a user chooses a model for one board, can we please have that selection persist for other boards?

    Use case - a T&Q project for a very large distributor with have multiple regional models ... about 10 of them.  Many users will have access to two or three regional models.  Each board will be aligned to all 10 models, so there is a selector at the top left of the page.  We checked and we like that they only see the their two or three regional models in the selector (not all 10).  So let's suppose they are in Region 1, 5, and 10.  Initially all pages default to Region 1.  When they choose Region 5 on a board, that persists from session to session on that board only.  Cool that it persists between sessions, but it sure would be better if their selection also behaved as page selectors do ... choose on one board and that same selection will be used in the next board without the user needing to change anything.

  • Ditto, I have the same requirement as described by Mike Henderson above.

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