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For cases when end users want to export the modules for offline reporting repivoting (due to space constraints) we need to offer parity with the Classic UX where there is an option with Code Export.

Workaround means we need to include one extra line item which has to be built for every place required.


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  • Hi @Nikita_S_Gnilozub ,

    I think couple of ways you can solve this problem. I personally do not like exporting data from Model for operational reporting prospective. But if that can't be avoided them you can plan to Use a separate model as Reporting Model where u can flattened the data for easy exporting. This Export can happen manually or through integration. Or you can use Cloudwork to export your model data to S3 for manual reports.

  • I agree - I prefer to save as much screen "real estate" as possible and adding a column for code isn't ideal.

  • This idea is a "must have"  in my view. Sometimes exporting the module's view displayed on a board is a key user request and the most efficient way of working, and it is also needed to load it back into anaplan, and for that purpose the code is needed instead of the name om the exported view.


    The functionality "export view" in NUX is great, but would be fantastic to be able to let users choose how to display the list items from the module being exported, letting them choose between the name or the code. 



    and also the option to include Row Data headers (same as in the old ux)



    to @angs75 's point. Sometimes is simply not possible duplicating a list and a module just for reporting and exporting purposes out of the sheer size of that list.


    From my stand point, this idea could work in combination or be replaced by the "alias" idea:




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