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It would be nice to see an overview showing all inserted comments in the Anaplan comment boxes.

One could select the dimensions to search on and than show an overview of comments linked to those dimensions. 

For example: I would like to see all comments entered for my sales area in a specific period over all dashboards, so I would select my sales area and the period in the "search" fields and then I would like to get an overview of the comments. 

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  • EmilyJ

    Thank you for the feedback, @LouiseBourgonjon - I'm the Product Manager for our Anaplan commenting functionality and I'd like to look more closely into whether we can support this. Could you confirm whether you're making use of comment threads (using the speech bubble icon on cards on boards) or if you're using field cards to add commentary within the module itself? Thanks!

  • Hi Emily,


    For this use case I would like to leverage Anaplan's built-in commenting functionality, so using the speech bubble icon on cards and boards.




  • EmilyJ

    Great thank you, @LouiseBourgonjon ! I'll take this to the team and update here when we can determine whether we can support for a future roadmap. 




  • @EmilyJ  I have a client who is asking for the exact same functionality - i.e. the ability to collate comments relating to particular item across multiple different pages in a single place. Another vote from me!

  • Stig
    edited March 19

    Hi all,

    Is there any update on this?

    I have case where I would like to check if users have been sharing sensitive data (personnel related) in comments on cards. It would be nice to have a summary instead of having to go through 600-700 cost centers - at least an overview of where input have been done (which cost centers have comments attached to them).

    In addition, is an option to turn off comments on specific cards on the roadmap?

  • ikna15
    edited June 6

    Has this issue been resolved. I also have a client who would need the ability to audit comments. They are wanting a summary overview and also the ability to turn the comments off.


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