Logic Line item availble two function (Input and Formula)


Hi, Everyone.


I have a question about logic Anaplan, I have a module that will create an item that can contain input and formulas, for example, for example, a period that is less than the period parameter will be blue font or input by the user and more than the period parameter will take a logic formula.

Has there been a case like this? is there a best practice?

Thank you


  • @adisulyadi ,


    If you are using versions, you can achieve it using Formula scope.




    If you are not using versions and switch over, please split the line item to two. A same line item cannot have formula and input without versions.




  • Thank you Arun, not using versions and switch over on this module. so how best bractice ?
  • @adisulyadi 

    It is not possible to combine a formula and a user defined input in the same line item.

    As described by @ArunManickam  version scope is the only instance where this is possible where you can define which version is subject to a formula and which is driven by user inputs. 

    The best practice here is to create multiple line items; one to capture the formula, another to contain the user input and a third to combine them based on your logic of which takes priority. 

    The final line item can then be used in downstream processes.


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