User filters and Top levels




I want to set up user filtering for a module, with Customer and sub-brand, I have a user filter module, and system module with the appropriate line items

I use the system module as a filter and this all works as expected.


I want to be able to choose a specific customer and a specific brand or a specific customer and ALL the brands, or one brand and ALL the customers.

Neither list are top level in the hierarchy, therefore I do not see 'Total Company' as a selection, is this possible at all?








  • Why don't you have a top level ?


    The way I see your formula, this is already working as if the user doesn't select anything it's TRUE so it display, which is the same as selecting All.

    Otherwise you can have another user filter boolean that say "Select All Customer" and use that

  • I have a 2 level hierarchy 

    Customer Forecast Group (top Level is Cyt)

    then Customer is a child of that.

    I know what I want, but it is almost impossible to write down.


    I have a module of volume of stock and if you choose a customer/sub brand combination it shows ONLY that. This then creates a chart.


    Blank does not work for what I need to do,

    I need them to choose CyT or a customer.

    But CyT is not available to choose



  • @DeveloperCYT 

    To allow the selection of the top level these must be included in the filter query.

    Set the summary option in the filter line item to any and the summary should become available.

  • I  have the summary as ANY and if they were using the model and seeing the page selectors this would work (see below)

    But if they are using a filter to choose the customer, surely then they don't have to use a page selector as well, that would be a horrible user experience?


    Yes I have 'CyT' visible, but if the user puts blank in the customer, how do I tell it that that means CyT All for a selection (without them having to click it)




  • I think what I want to do is impossible, one of the worst features of Anaplan is shared filters, and it causes so much trouble

    When one person changes a filter, when somebody else is looking at data, and they lose their view.

    To add users to the models increases the size so much that it is impractical and indeed impossible to do.

  • @DeveloperCYT 

    It is possible to allow users to select a unique view. Ensure the module used to create the filter and the module used to allow the selection contain the user list.

    Set the summary to any.

    When adding the filter to a target view enure that 'current user' option is selected.

    The final outcome is that the view will be filtered as per the criteria that user.

  • the module size goes from 4 Million cells to 2.4 Billion cells if I add users to a single line item, so I think it is a no go.


    Thanks anyway




  • @DeveloperCYT 

    You only need to add the users list to the module used to create the filter not the final output.


    Create a module dimensioned only by user and two line items, one dimensioned by customer list and the other by sub brand list. This is your filter selector.

    Create a module dimensioned by customer and sub brand containing the users list, create three line items; customer filter, sub brand filter and final filter dimension these as boolean. This is the filter module. Reference the filter selector to determine if the dimensions equal those selected.

    Customer Filter = IF ISBLANK(FilterSelector.Customer) THEN TRUE ELSE Item(CustomerList) = FilterSelector.Customer

    Sub brand Filter = IF ISBLANK(FilterSelector.Sub) THEN TRUE ELSE Item(SubBrandList) = FilterSelector.Sub Brand

    Final Filter = Customer Filter AND Sub Brand Filter


    Apply the final filter line item as the filter criteria to you output module. You do not need to add users to this module as you can select 'Current User,' when defining the filter criteria.