MAKELINK Embedding Issue




I am trying to embed a MAKELINK formula within a list, however the list item I want to embed the MAKELINK into is a function of a LOOKUP, and therefore I am struggling with how to format the MAKELINK.  See below:


The current List Item title is "Item Name."  The current formula for "Item Name" within the list properties tab is...

'List (L1)'. Item Name[LOOKUP: Item Name]

                  Theoretically, this is what I want to populate the MAKELINK("display text",


The URLs I want to embed are also a function of a list, under the formula...


                  Theoretically, this is what I want to populate the MAKELINK( , URL)


Putting them together as ...

MAKELINK("'List (L1)'. Item Name[LOOKUP: Item Name]", 'PROPERTIES: Item URLS'. URL[LOOKUP: 'Item (List)'])

is not working.


Any suggestions on mistakes I am making, and/or is this caliber of embedment even possible?


  • @KevinMcQuillen 

    I really like the MAKELINK function. I use it a lot to help users link to product pages on their store website.

    In your use case you mentioned that you want to make a list item out of this. Unfortunately, the only format you can use on lists is TEXT and there is a 60 character limit and they can't end with special characters. However, what you could do is create a system module and through formulas create the MAKELINK as a line item. So for example, if I want a way to link users to the product on a webpage and all I know is the product number and the store URL you could do this Link = MAKELINK(Product Name, Store URL), where the Store URL = Https://[product code]

    Also, here's the Anapedia link for MAKELINK if you haven't seen it already.

  • We do not want the MAKELINK within a line item, we need it as a List Property. 


    What we currently have is a large list of Accounts, and a grid where each Account has many Line Items associated (i.e. revenue, estimated production date, etc.)  One of the Line Items associated with each account is "Account URL."  We would like to remove the need for the "Account URL" Line Item by simply making the Accounts themselves clickable from the list, which would require making the MAKELINK formula in the List Property tab, correct?  Does this make sense?


    From your response, I'm hedging it is not possible to do what we are looking to do?  Or am I misinterpreting?


    Thanks for your help!

  • @KevinMcQuillen 


    Very interesting...If it is a regular list, then answer is no, but I am honestly not sure about a numbered list where the Display Name is your link.  With that said, you really shouldn't be using properties for logic such as this, but really put the logic in a line item within a SYS module (SYS Account).  Not sure if you are aware of the Planual, but it is a group of "rules" that every model builder should follow and is based on many years of experience (Planual Link ).  Take a look at rule 1.05-3 (link) where it speaks to list properties and line items.


    Hope this helps,



  • @KevinMcQuillen 


    Sorry to say, it does not work on a numbered list.  Check this out...


    SYS Module







  • @KevinMcQuillen 

    Right. You cannot use the name or the code as a link, only text (standard). But as a workaround you might consider one of the following:

    1. adding a system module for accounts that has the URL as a line item. This might be one of those special cases where using subsidiary view in your module makes sense. This would allow you to add the link to your grid without having to use all the dimensions of the module, only account. 
    2. Again, add a system module for all the accounts with a line item that contains the URL. When a user clicks on the account, then sync a field card that has the URL. Then the user can click on the field card to go to where you want.

    Sorry, not the news you probably wanted but it is a great idea. You might consider adding it to the idea exchange.

  • @KevinMcQuillen 

    Not sure if this will be helpful or not, but if it is a property then you can also eliminate having to display the link by using the blue triangle dropdown and selecting the list formatted property. This only works in Classic UX and not in NUX. 


    Link formatted Property:





    From there it will open the link associated with that list member in a separate tab.  I have used this feature frequently on Sales Use cases linking to SFDC. Since we can calculate the URL, It gives the user the opportunity to directly navigate to the page they need more information on vs having to copy and paste the 15 digit code.


    @rob_marshall - Any reason this one is not on the exception list in 1.05-03 of the Planual?



  • @jasonblinn  woow.. really nice finding :).


    Indeed you need a property to the list in order to make this work and this can be an acceptable exception from Planual ( like for dependent lists or for Assign actions). 

    But I think is working similarly to what @KevinMcQuillen asked... Maybe the users need some training to find the link. 


    Too bad that this is working only in Classic dashboards... I did not find a way to make it work in New UX.  :(.

    Another gap between Classic and New UX? 🙂