Set specific Time Granularity for Gantt Charts in NUX


Hi Team, I bring an easy -but yet a tad annoying-  request for you.



It seems like Gantt Charts in the NUX automatically adjust the granularity of the time "dimension" based on the dates in the cells of the source module, as shown below:



As a result, the Gantt Charts on your boards may change significantly (what is the point of showing the Year twice along the X-axis instead of showing Months under years?)  and unnoticeably (Anaplan will decide the best time granularity based on the date values in the cells, even though the change is not that big, as shown in the gif above), making your Boards look odd and not that insightful.   


Proposed Solution:

To be able to set the granularity for the Gantt Charts for the upper and lower row of the X axis. For instance:

  •  if I select Years for the Upper row, I should be able to select: Quarter, Months or Weeks for the lower Band. 
  •  if I select Months for the Upper row, I should be able to select: Weeks or Days for the lower Band. 

The blue cells below are for manual input by the Anaplan "Page Builder" and will drive the granularity of the reported time "dimension". The light blue cell will be dependant on the darker blue one, so if Month is chosen for the first one, only time periods more granular than Months are available. 




It is always nice to have control over the look and feel of your Boards, or in other words, having to relay on Anaplan's automatic arrangement for this may end up being a bit frustrating. Additionally, the Gantt Chart is a popular chart in many use cases, such Promotion Planning, Production Scheduling or Project Planning.


In my opinion, it is a great "nice to have" requirement if is not complex to implement from a technical standpoint. What do you guys think? 




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  • Status changed to: On Roadmap
  • Thanks @sprender  and team for including this in the roadmap! 

  • thank you @sprender

    Your comment is one year old now, is there any news regarding the state of progress?

    thank you 

  • @Philippe no updates unfortunately. This is still an update we we plan to add to the platform but other updates have taken priority. I will update here when we have a target timeline.

  • thank you @sprender

    hoping it will come soon  😊

  • Hello @sprender,

    Any updates on the proposed solution. I see the comment is 2 years old now..
    The Business is looking for a Gantt Chart with Days (Monday. Tuesday and so on..) as time dimension.

  • sprender

    Gantt chart updates - improved time axis control

    We have made the following update to the Gantt chart in the UX.

    • Improved time axis control options:
      • Auto (As per today)
      • Fixed (Set a fixed start and end date)
      • Rolling (Choose +/- an interval of choice around the current day, eg +/- 6 months)
    • Choose between a single or double time axis header
    • Choose the time axis intervals (day, week, month, year)
    • Choose the time axis label format
    • Left, Centre or right align the row labels.
    • Indentation handling on left aligned row labels

    Check out Anapedia for more details

    Thank you for raising this idea!

  • today is a happy day for me :) thanks

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