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i want to ask, i have module like this the module have 2 lines item actual and budget for the display i used filter for this, but the problems is in the full year the line item is actual, i want to change to bottom up amount, so if on the FY 21 have actual and bottom up amount FY is Bottom up amount and if FY 21 is actual FY is Actual, if FY 21 Bottom up FY is Bottom Up


the formula filter is, i created line item subset first for this 




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  • AlejandroGomez

    Thanks for the screenshot. Now it is clear what is going on.


    The reason why both "Actual" and "bottom up" are true is because:

    • for the item "Bottom up" the first half of the function is true
    • for the item "actual" the first half of the function (the first IF statement) is false, therefore Anaplan moves onto the second half of the IF statement, which happens to be true for the item "actual".

    So, we have to add one more clause to specify that if we are in a FY and "bottom up" is TRUE, then "actual" cannot be TRUE. Try this or something along these lines:


    in your second IF statement, add one more condition with an AND: 

    ... IF Period(start()) < SYS03 Conversion.Start period AND name(Item(LIS_Budget Opex Bottom Up)) = "Actual" AND Filter FY[Select: LIS_Budget Opex Bottom Up. Bottom Up Amount] = FALSE then TURE else FALSE


    The solution is a tad cumbersome but I hope it returns the result you are looking for 



  • Hi @Muh_Arief 


    I assume that the Summary Method for the "Filter ?" Line Item is set to "Formula", is that right?


    In that case, I think that a simple tweak in your formula will do:


    If period(end()) > 'SYS03 conversion.start period and name(item(LIS_Budget Opex Bottom up)) = "bottom up amount" then true else  if period(start())< SYS03... the rest remains the same.


    By doing this, Anaplan will evaluate the last day of the year against your "conversion.start date" and thus, your filter should show "Bottom up amount" for the future FY items.


    I hope it helps,



  • yes @AlejandroGomez i set to formula, but I tried to change it to the same for FY 

  • are you using other filters in combination?

    can you drill down on the FY21 cell for the filter? line item and attach a screenshot, please?

  • i cannot using filter combination @AlejandroGomez, this my formula and boolean 



  • thank youuu @AlejandroGomez now, able to