Level 2 Sprint 3 Exam


I have tried to take this exam.  There are two formula questions where I provide answers that work based on the information provided.  However, the system will not accept these formulas as valid answers.  (Questions 3 and 9)

How do I either have these formulas accepted as value or understand why they are rejected.


  • @Steve_Newell_Vuealta 

    Very common issue.

    All I can suggest here is that you make sure that every line item is spelled exactly as it was documented in the course. You can also send an email to academy@anaplan.com they might be willing to point you in the right direction. If you need the sprint 3 test reset, ask. Usually they will reset it quickly. You'll get another attempt.

    Sorry, I know its frustrating. I went through the same thing, on that Sprint too. I suspect you may not get closure on this one. 

  • @Steve_Newell_Vuealta 




    by chance, do you have the A+ extension installed?  If so, turn it off because I believe it adds spaces to the formula which can impact the answer.



  • @JaredDolich

    Hi Jared. Its been a few years since this thread occurred and the issue mentioned above still seems to be present in 2024. I've seen a few other threads as well where this issue is still being addressed. Does Anaplan plan to address this issue considering that its been brought up multiple times over the past 2-3 years?

    With that being said, myself and others seem to be one question away from passing the L2 S3 exam but Q3 and 9 are preventing us from passing. Aside from answering all other questions correctly are there no other options? I understand that it's against community guidelines to post solutions to exam questions, but how can test-takers get credit for formulas that work in their models but not on the exam due to errors in the exam itself, especially when these issues have been present for a long time without resolution?

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