New UX Gantt Chart Time Period Issue & Improvement



  1. It would be great to add features to the New UX Gantt to
    1. show only weekdays when presenting weekly level roadmap.
    2. format the text style on row and column headers 
  2. Issue / defect on "Week 7" as it appears twice 




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  • sprender

    Gantt chart updates - improved time axis control

    We have made the following update to the Gantt chart in the UX.

    • Improved time axis control options:
      • Auto (As per today)
      • Fixed (Set a fixed start and end date)
      • Rolling (Choose +/- an interval of choice around the current day, eg +/- 6 months)
    • Choose between a single or double time axis header
    • Choose the time axis intervals (day, week, month, year)
    • Choose the time axis label format
    • Left, Centre or right align the row labels.
    • Indentation handling on left aligned row labels

    Check out Anapedia for more details

    Thank you for raising this idea!

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