Mapping Datahub and Spoken Model



I have two questions regarding Datahub and Spoken Models interaction: 


1. How Spoken model can find the link to Datahub after an ALM if we have a dev and production version of Datahub? 


For exemple, we have 4 models: 


Spoken Model DEV, Spoken Model Prod, Datahub Model DEV and Datahub Model Prod. 


The inter model actions should be done between Datahub Model DEV and Spoken Model DEV or Spoken Model Prod as the Data import source will be tagged DEV if we link to DEV version?


2. If for X reason, we need to archive the Datahub Model Prod one day and restore another one from an historical version (or change Workspace of the Datahub Model).


Do we need to map again the Import Data Source every time? The mapping of Import Data Source is based on ModelID or Model Name?


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