@jasonblinn Thanks for your previous answer.


I had one more question.


Here I am use 2 modules, puling data from one modules to another with same line items by directly referring each line item. But I am not getting the values into target modules. 


From 1st snapshot I am trying to pull data into 2nd ss.


Can you please help me understand and solve this.


  • Hi @Human008 


    If the values are not coming up , the reason must be missing dimension from the source to target .

    Do we have BLANK values in subsidiary view as well !? 

    Try to LOOK Up to all the missing dimensions from Source in target . 



    Puneeth HP

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  • @Puneeth H P 


    Hello Puneeth,


    I can see data in subsidiary view and tried using Lookup function as well. But I am getting error message saying list and data had relation.


    Can you please clear me that.


    Thank you.

  • SS of both Dimensions and error message would help here .

    Success is the Intersection of Dreams and Hardwork!

  • @Puneeth H P 


    Here are the two SS 1st is the source and 2nd is the target.

  • @Human008 

    From the screen shots you provided it is not possible to see the dimensions of either the source or target modules.

    An error is likely to be a mismatch of dimensions meaning that you need to map any differences in dimensions from the source to the target. 

    Therefore, list out the dimensions present in your source and those in the target and identify any differences.

    • Time - is there a change in the time dimensions from year to month, month to day etc?
    • Hierarchies - is the target set at a higher level in the hierarchy?
    • Missing dimensions - are there any dimensions that are simply missing in the target that are present in the source or vis versa?
    • Versions - does one module have versions and the other not?

    Use system modules to map across these differences in dimensions. For time you could use MOTHVALUE() or YEARVALUE() or LOOKUP within a time systems module the relative parent. Similarly, with a movement down a hierarchy use a systems module dimensioned by the list present in the target to LOOKUP the parent present in the source.


    Where there a simply missing dimensions build dedicated mapping modules containing the list present in the target. Use line items formatted as the target dimension that is missing and map each combination of target dimensions into the source list.


    Where there are more dimensions in the source use SUM to aggregate the source data into the corresponding target dimension. Create a module dimensioned by the source lists and use a list formatted line item formatted to the list in which you will SUM the data into. 


    Good luck,



  • @ChrisAHeathcote @Puneeth H P 


    Does this ss work ? all the time, hierarchy all are similar don't know why it is not able to pull data from source to Target 

    and when I am using lookup there is an errort, I am attaching the error as well.


    I can't understand this, please help me with this.


    Thank you.

  • Here if it is coming up in subsidiary view and not coming up ,the reason might be of not matching period . 
    Error we are getting here because we are not matching time dimension properly here . LOOKUP always works on list or time formatted reference . 
    We can have a new line item which matches Target and Source in this case and have LOOKUP of that line item .

    Plz let me know if this works . 


    Good luck .

    Success is the Intersection of Dreams and Hardwork!

  • @Human008 


    Your mapping needs to be a list formatted line item which bridges the gap. If you are using a LOOKUP then it needs to be the same format as the source dimension which is missing from the target. The dimensions of the mapping module must be present in the target too.



  • Thank you Guys, I missed "time" in the other module and I got it.

    Thanks for your Time and effort.