Use formula « NAME » for a Number list



The NAME function always returns the #ID and not the display name.

I need another function that could returns the display name.


If this function doesn’t exist, I’m looking for a solution to switch from a list format to a text format.

So I’ll be able to concatenate.

The difficulty is: the format list used is different from the one in the column <<applies to>>:




Thanks in advance


  • @OrfeaLEFEVRE 

    You can get the display name of a numbered list by clicking on the display name property from edit mode.

    • Set your line item to TEXT format.
    • Double click on the formula bar to set yourself into edit mode
    • Open the list
    • Go to properties
    • Click on the "Display Name"

    Ideally, you would enter this line item in a systems module and refer to it there, not the list. 

  • Still helping me out in the A4A afterlife, thank you, Jared!