Level 2 Sprint 2 question 10




I have taken Level 2 Sprint 2 Exam today. I am getting incorrect answer error while submitting answer for question 10 which is Selecting best formula for DEMAND FORECAST MODULE, BASELINE FORECAST LINE ITEM. I choose the correct answer. The same formula I implemented in my module as well which is working fine. Other than one option, remaining 3 options are not at all related.


Did anyone face this kind of issue. How can to over come this issue. Any help would be appreciable. 


Thanks in advance.





  • @Ajaykumar08ns 

    Common challenge, I'm afraid.

    You'll get two attempts at the question. If the question is multiple choice and it says your first choice is wrong, then you'll need to pick from the other 3. Make certain you understand how the formula is constructed. Does it use the right syntax?

    If the question is fill in the blank then the only suggestion I can give for that is to make absolutely sure you spelled the line items exactly as they provided in the instructions. If it causes you to fail the exam, you can send a note to academy@anaplan.com. They'll reset it for you so you can take another attempt.

    Wish I could be more helpful. 

  • Hi JaredDolich,


    Thanks for your response..


    It's a multiple choice question only that too we select only one option at a time. So first I have selected one option which I am surely thinking as correct answer. It's showed me incorrect answer after that I selected another option that is also incorrect. Then again I re attempted the test to check the correct answer. In my 2 nd attempt I selected remaining 2 options. For those options also it's showing me as incorrect answer.



  • @Ajaykumar08ns 

    Obviously a bug then. Hopefully you have a screenshot of your responses. I would immediately send a note to academy@anaplan.com with the screenshots if you have them. So sorry this happened. Hoping you passed the exam. The good news is that you only need 80% to pass, and your score is not reported anywhere except to you. I'm sure you're feeling injustice right now, and believe me, I know that feeling. Hang in there. L2 is worth it.