Level 1 - Lesson 4.6.6


I am trying to correctly import and map the new data correctly, but I am always getting a an invalid name error when I import csv.
May I get a quick explanation on what I may be doing wrong for a simple practice?


I have previously posted about how the my training model seems a little different from the learning video's model.


Grateful if someone point to me if I am missing something in the learning or if there is an error in the model I am using,







    If your importing a list, make sure you correctly map the CSV columns to your list attributes. 

    For example - Country goes to Name, Country Code goes to Code, and Region goes to Parent

    If your importing to a module. Same thing. Map the columns correctly. Most likely your line items are in the "column headers".

    Send a screenshot of your mapping and we'll get you to the finish line right quick!

  • @JaredDolich  thank you for correcting me. yes your solution is correct, I had assumed it was the same as the training video where it said top levels are "left blank"

  • @CJHKGZZ That's awesome! Good luck with the course! 

  • I had the same problem. Thank you for bringing it up here.