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Community! I'd like to follow up with @xin question regarding selectors in the new UX. And the answer @Puneeth H P gave in this response,which appears to only work for pages.

My worksheet uses one list, P6 SKU which is part of a structured Hierarchy (P1 to P6). I would like to use a selector on the top of the page that only goes down to P5 (I don't want to see the SKUs in the selector). Is there a creative way to make this happen, or do I need to switch to a Page, add a field card and sync it, as @Puneeth H P suggests? I've also added a card to the additional insights at the P5 level with the selector but no way to get it to the top of the worksheet that I can see.

Thanks, as always!

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  • @Puneeth H P 

    Good call out. However, the worksheet grid is filtered on P6 only. We want to see P6 on the worksheet, but not in the selector. That's the trick. Your idea will work great on a page though!

  • @JaredDolich yeah you're right, I don't know of a good way other than what you mention.  I've been using KPI cards in the insights pane since it's a little better visually but also have upvoted the roadmap item for this.

  • @jnoone thanks. Well, I got it to work on a board because we can use the filter and/or the view levels feature. Not ideal because I really like the sliding panel of the additional insights. Thanks for upvoting!