UX resizing of grids and cards


Resizing grids and cards in the New UX has been improved since the first release, however it still has its limitations and issues 

  • KPI cards with a title, the KPI and the sparkline must be high enough for its content to make sense and be visible. I would expect to be able to shrink the KPI card without any issues in order to save space on the screen. But if I do that its visualisation is compromised eg the sparkline does no longer make senseAlessio_Pagliano_0-1613581153097.pngAlessio_Pagliano_1-1613581302219.pngAlessio_Pagliano_2-1613581474804.png
  • Resizing grid columns and cards can be difficult as the resizing options is not giving enough flexibility and its left to right approach is not ideal. I would like to have more flexibility
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