Updating data trough Excel Add in


Hi all, 


i have an urgent question: i'm actually trying to import a monthly cost report trough excel add in, the goal is to have a report which I can refresh every month. 

The problem is that I would like to exclude all the empty cells of the module/view, so during the import trough add in I can see only the full cells. 

Is it possible? 


  • @Alessandr092 

    Great question. Let's also add our pro @MagaliP just to make sure there isn't a better answer.

    I think the functionality is close to what you're asking for. Excel will only update the cells that have changed since your last refresh. It will not send the blanks or zeroes if they are the same as when you refreshed. Does that get you what you need? 

    In this example I only updated two of the months. And, only those two months were sent to Anaplan.


  • Hello Jared, thank you for the quick reply. 

    I downloaded trough excel add-in a module, then I used filters and pivot to change the view directly in excel (with Anaplan filters). I used FLT_ZRO formula but the excel report still contain 0/blank cells. 


    I would like to exclude zero/blank values, and choose just the valorized cells. 

    I thought first I could save a view (because pages are not included in the add in scroll down menu) but I'm not able. If this is the best solution, can you give me a tutorial?


    Thanks for all


  • What does the saved view look like in Anaplan, can you set it up there as you would like to see it?

  • I'm using a module, not a saved view, for the import trough add in. When I import data trough model, I see all the cells, but I wan't. I would like to see only valorized cells.

  • @Alessandr092 

    I like where @MarkWarren is going. Can you use a Boolean value to filter on the month totals that equal zero? add that filter to your saved view. Just remember though, using a saved view with the Excel add in means you can't edit the view. Instead you might try using the Excel Add-In filter but you have to select the default view of the module.

    Does that get you closer?

  • Thank you all for helping me, probably the best solution for my problem is creating a custom view for single department.

    When we produce monthly cost report, we need to keep apart every department because are confidential data (every department can't know the other departments expenses). 

    With the previous tool (BPC) we could exclude empty/zero cells, select the single department and refresh data every month: was not waste of time. 

    Now, if administrators won't create for us a number of custom view as the departments number, we're going to modify every month the add in extraction manually (filtering values, changing columns order, etc.). 

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