Run queries only when the dashboard window in visible


We have a looker course dashboard that reloads all of the tiles automatically every 5 mins. But this tends to be left open in the background and triggers a lot of queries which runs without purpose, is there a way to run the queries only when the tab or window with the dashboard is on the foreground?



  • @soumyarani Two ideas:

    1. to achieve that you have to raise an event in Anaplan that can be retrieved though the APIs. The only recommendation I have is to have the user click an action button on the page. The action button will set a Boolean to "TRUE". Your API, then reads that Boolean and runs the process to update your Looker Course. It also resets the Boolean to "FALSE". 
    2. Update the data hub every five minutes. Add an import action on the Looker Course that obtains the values for the cards on demand. That way it won't cause any issues with the performance.