Fetching Start Month and End Month for a given Quarter

Hi all,


I'm trying to fetch Start Month of a Quarter input by the User. I created a line item for input by the user formatted as Time Period Quarter and another Line item formatted as Month. I tried multiple ways and looking for help to fetch Start Month (say for selection of Q1 FY20 - looking to fetch JAN 20 similarly for end month Mar 20). 


Tried below but didn't work







Best Answer

  • Hi @SudhirY 


    Try using Period(START(Base Period))


    The START Will give the first date in a given period, or in this case the base period. Then the Period converts that date to a period. So if you select Q1FY17. The first day is 1/1/17, and the period that falls into is Jan 17.




    Let me know if this doesn't work.