Ability to enter hyperlinks in the Anaplan new UX field card


It would be a great addition to the new UX if you could enter text set up as a hyperlink into the field card. Currently, you need to set the card as a grid to do it, which is not user friendly at all. 

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  • Absolutely needed as it undermines the purpose of the NUX field card

  • Current Workaround is to use field card as a navigation


    however there is a trick if you need to make link to another page in NUX:


    1. Create a page in the same app from where you want to make a link

    2. create text with link to target page

    3. move target page to app where it must be - link will work.


    But for real - Better have it as a functionaility!

  • Thank you for the workaround @Ilya_Zhivov . However, our stakeholders, users & we as model builders would like to have this as a NUX built in feature.

    We all want to be able to add hyperlinks to Box, Sharepoint or other documents storage for reference while using a NUX Page. Hence, i believe that only "Ability to add hyperlinks using a Field Card is most elegant, user friendly, model builder friendly" solution. 

  • I agree also to this request: having an hypertext link to external sites in a card will be much more practical than creating modules with the makelink function.

    Thank for your understanding and support

  • This is essential for UX. Upvoted.

  • I agree. It would make the UX integrate with other tools much more seamless

  • ssoukup

    I, too, am finding the ability to place a hyperlink to external content on a text card would be useful. Our use case is that Ciena has a business glossary application. Given the complexity of some financial terms, it would be useful to simply create a text card on the pages where those terms are displayed in such a way that the text card could have the hyperlink to our business glossary. Our workaround is the use the current functionality in module and exposing it with a grid.

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