NUX Worksheet: Show Labels / Selectors in Additional Insights when sync on main grid is on

One of my customers discovered this last week.


It is currently not possible to show a label or a selector on a card in the Additional Insights pane, when sync is activated for a dimension published as column or row on the main grid of a worksheet, while the same dimension is used in the additional insights as "context selector". This is particularly with composite hierarchies or Time a problem, because the context selector shows the lowest level in the list but only applies to the parent. Meaning, it's possible to select Jan 20, any additional insights will sync to Jan 20 but the context selector will only show Q1 FY20. Anaplan states that this is intended behaviour.


Yet, there are a number of use cases where it is essential to know what exact list item has been selected from the main grid. For example;

- to plan revenue on products and you want to know details about a specific product, like properties, LY sales etc.

- to have time on the columns and show the Periodic, YTD or LY value for a specific month.

- top-down planning for a specific product or dimension in the additional insights pane.


It's possible to bridge this issue via a KPI card showing the selected item or use filters instead of sync. Yet both adds to the visual load and confuses end-user because selections across pages may not be consistent. It's also inconsistent for the model builder because it's possible to select Label or Selector in the Card Configuration without any effect.


As an end-user I want to be able to see Labels or Selectors in the additional insights pane, even if sync is turned on for dimensions published as columns or rows at the main grid. This will give me a consistent user experience across pages and boards and avoid mistakes through wrong selections.






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